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Mario Wojton is guitar player, composer and instrumentalist playing different instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, piano, percussion instruments. He has formal, eight years education in music on piano.

In his Emotion Converting Plant Studio he creates own music that is a fusion of best styles and trends from all over the world. An excellent artistic taste, immaculate technical quality of the recordings, great technical knowledge and composer’s talent make his music truly universal and appealing to listeners. 



Marius about himself:

"... Oh... I'm a musician. It's a profession, like any other...Nothing more and nothing less. I think it is also more difficult, than many others... safer to be a monk in some remote monastery;-).

It has to be liked a lot to stay with it in spite of many difficulties... You have to sacrifice much more of your life than most of other professions. I've always liked sound, I was fascinated by a small speaker in the Mk-125 Automatic, a small cassette tape recorder back from Seventies, which I received from my Dad as a Santa Claus gift. I 've always been trying to do something to improve the sound of a device... Therefore, over many years I have mastered the art of mixing and mastering.  And, probably, that is why I have become a musician." 

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