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            Emotion Converting Plant STUDIO

Our recording, editing and mastering studios, Emotion Converting Plant (ECP) is equipped with many excellent devices designed to improve sound quality and those dedicated to mixing. The processors we use are truly world class and we also use custom built monitoring system for outstanding mastering resolution. We also offer great experience in the Art Of Mastering as well as in other areas of music production, like arranging, style consultation, producing backing tracks or advisory and consultation services. By utilizing the newest, highly acclaimed software like Reaper and the whole array of best microphones and preamplifiers such as AKG C 414, ES 4400A, TL Audio Classic, Yamaha MS-10, ADAM, Bybass Mastering Speakers, Eleven Rack and Line 6 gear for guitars and many others we are able to deliver. All that at very low price that is absolutely outstanding!

If you are not sure where your music is going to, we will be happy to help you with our objective suggestions, overdubbing particular instruments for you or preparing the whole new playback.

We offer services of the highest world standard at really affordable prices. Our main motto is customer’s satisfaction, we come from conviction, that the artist’s music should be cast and archived at the highest possible quality, because in this form the recording  passes to History. And what we do we do out of passion for music and not business like approach. Our services include highest class multi track recording, mixing previously recorded tracks including improvement of their quality and processing through appropriate FX. The work is fully guaranteed, but what we are the most proud of is that we offer you uncompromised approach to the job. At the prices that can not be beat. 


Our services include:

· Recording - starting whole new projects from scratch. We are able to provide you with the latest technology at the affordable price. We use, among others, the new Pro tools HD 3 system and a lot of greatly sounding gear to achieve top sound quality for you. We use AKG C-414 and ES 4400A microphone pairs as well as Sure drum microphone kit, including Sure Sm-57, Sure Beta 58 and dedicated microphones for the kick drum and overheads. Our TL Audio preamps are truly a class for the input stage and we also use a lot of custom built gear including tube designs.   

· Mastering - polishing and optimization the customer delivered mixdowns, in order to achieve the best quality possible prior to sending the music to mass production. We guarantee the highest class results at very affordable prices. The quality of our services is fully guaranteed: full customer's satisfaction or money back. Mastering is very important element of music production because it has big influence on final sound of the recorded material. Great mastering always produces big impact on the listener. Although it has influence on the technical aspect of the recording, the psychology of mastering is staying very close to artistic aspect of music creation. The way mastering is done influences artistic impact of the recording on a listener. In regards to various musical styles different mastering approaches are needed to achieve the best, including using various equipment, specific gear settings and so on. All this can very drastically change the initial sound of the music. Therefore experience and musical taste is something of the greatest importance, when it comes to mastering.

· Remastering - achieving the best quality and transparency of sound possible, adequate to modern technique possibilities, from old, previously mastered recordings, which artistic value is seriously impaired by their technical state. Because of continuously evolving musical equipment, recordings that once were a pinnacle of recording technology, can be very significantly bettered. We offer world class remastering service for all those, who want listen to old, previously released music in new dimension, and hear what was previously lost.

· Mixing - remixing of previously recorded tracks along with applying adequate effects, mixdowns performed on groups of prerecorded instruments and technical producing-arranging consultation for all, who wish make their material better by rearranging it or produce it in slightly different form. It is a very good idea, sometimes, to have a look at own recorded material from an objective point of view. Not necessarily everything, that you have recorded must be a bulls-eye hit- let us hear your material and we will gladly help to arrange it for the second, and better, time.

· Overdubbing - superimposing single or several instruments on a musical playback of the customer. There are situations, that a producer needs to use an instrument on his recording that he does not have ability to play. In many cases, we can overdub this instrument in our studio. Our overdubbing offer includes mixing in and superimposing instruments such as bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, grand piano, percussion and also adding whole sequenced parts using most modern sounds such as loops, percussion rhythms, with the use of a sampler.

· Playback - Producing special, complete musical playbacks for vocalists or broadcasting. We specialize in great sounding, lush synthesizer parts that can be great as soundtracks for movies. 

· Restoring\premastering - denoising, click\pop elimination, level and spectrum optimization, stereoization of old (archival) mono, or badly produced recordings. We guarantee very great improvement of the sound of even very old or badly recorded material.

· Help with arranging your song -  arrange is very important because even the best composition can be boring when it is too long, and skill of introducing the right instrument at the right moment of the recording can make or brake it. We at ECP have experience needed to do it right, and can help you to bring your not fully finished compositions to a successful end.

· Composition - if you need a great theme for your music, computer game or a soundtrack for your latest movie we can deliver. Contact us in order to talk about details of such projects.


For all your questions and inquires please contact us at:


tel: +48 666 11 333 0





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